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Labour Market Investigation of the Modular and Manufactured Housing Sector

In 2006, WMC conducted a Sector Study Report on the modular and manufactured housing sector. It revealed the following findings:

  • Within North America, much of the residential construction industry is shifting towards the use of engineered wood components or to off-site methods of construction.
  • Between 1991 and 2003, the sub-sector’s workforce across Canada rose from under 6,200 to over 14,500.
  • By 2010, that workforce is expected to rise to 18,000; and by 2015, to 23,000.
  • A substantial gap is expected to emerge between the skills required and the number of skilled workers available. 

With housing needs growing in areas where labour is most needed—such as northern Alberta and B.C.—modular manufactured housing is more important than ever for the quick delivery of high-quality housing. Over the past few decades, the value of these homes has gone up significantly, making modular manufactured housing an important sub-sector of the advanced wood manufacturing industry and the construction industry.  

Because of the sector’s rapid growth, WMC—in partnership with the Manufactured Housing sub-sector—will undertake a labour market study to:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Modular Manufactured Housing Industry sub-sector labour market, including:
  1. impact of labour market cycles
  2. competition from other industries
  3. demographics – a look at the workforce, employers and retirement dynamics
  4. skills shortages, recruiting and retention
  5. mobility across firms, sectors, industries and regions;
  • Investigate the impact of technology on the sector;
  • Understand current training, college programs and apprenticeships, and examine the conflicting systems of certification; and
  • Develop a strategy for a Modular Manufactured Housing Installers Certification program, and a work plan for related projects for the Modular Manufactured Housing sub-sector.

Please download the Labour Market Investigation report here:

Labour Market Investigation of the Modular/Mobile Home and Panelized Housing Sector

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