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Advancing Wood Manufacturing in Canada: 2016 LMI Update


WMC Retention Research Report 2012


Integrated Training Study Final Report


Labour Market Information Update (2010)

The Labour Market Information Update of the National HR Sector Study for the Value-Added Wood Products Industries will create an updated, in-depth study of the sector’s LMI, and an understanding of the human resources issues and challenges that industry firms are facing in these changing economic times. 

Labour Market Investigation of the Modular/Mobile Home and Panelized Housing Sub-Sector (2010)

The Wood Manufacturing Council, in partnership with the Modular/Mobile Home and Panelized Housing Sub-Sector, will undertake a labour market scoping study to develop a comprehensive understanding of the modular and manufactured housing industry labour market.

The study will include a look at the key HR issues. It will also include an understanding of the current training, college and apprenticeship programs, and examine the systems of certification.

Skills and Technology Roadmap (2008)

The Skills and Technology Roadmap (STRM) captures the linkage between future market needs, the necessary industry response and the technologies that an industry needs to develop or perfect. The STRM also provides knowledge about technology and technology-related skills gaps within the industry.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (2009)

PLAR is a process that evaluates and distinguishes the knowledge, skills and abilities a worker has acquired through work, education and other experience. PLAR values non-traditional means of training and education, and helps advanced wood products companies to go beyond traditional labour pools to look for new employees.

Education Needs Assessment (2007)

The Education Needs Assessment describes the overall impression of the educational needs of the advanced wood products processing sector.

Training Needs Assessment (2007)

The Training Program Needs Assessment for the Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing Sector study is a comprehensive overview of the training needs for the advanced wood manufacturing sector.

National HR Sector Study for the Advanced Wood Manufacturing Industry (2006)

A comprehensive look at the profile of the sector and its various subsectors, an analysis of the key HR issues, and recommendations for averting a critical HR shortage in the sector.

Essential Skills (2005)

Essential Skills form the backbone of all occupational skill sets. The objective of the report was to gather input from industry and other stakeholders regarding Essential Skills issues, how employers are currently addressing the Essential Skills shortages, and possible solutions.

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