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Wood Employee Readiness Curriculum (WERC)

WERC is a training program designed to attract workers from a variety of backgrounds—including Aboriginal Canadians, persons with disabilities, new Canadians and immigrants working in Canada. This program has been designed to train individuals for entry-level occupations in the advanced wood manufacturing sector.

The ultimate goal of the training program is to provide job readiness training for eligible and prospective workers from the public, including equity groups, enabling them to:

  • begin working with manufacturers immediately upon completion of the training, or
  • pursue further post-secondary education in the industry

WERC will open new doors for people who might not otherwise have considered a career in advanced wood manufacturing. The program’s goal is to improve recruitment, training and career development for Canadians including equity groups while meeting the training and labour resource needs of the industry. This skills development and recruiting initiative will establish collaborative relationships across Canada with government, industry, education, immigrant-serving and training organizations as well as equity group agencies and other relevant organizations.

The main components of the WERC pre-employment program include:

  • Intake Assessment
  • Essential and Life Skills Development
  • Introduction to Basic Wood Manufacturing
  • Safety Training, Job Shadowing and Job Placement

Students learn career development and Essential Skills tailored for careers in woodworking in the classroom as well as hands-on techniques in the woodshop through a series of projects taught by a qualified instructor.  Each program concludes with a short job placement with a local industry employer, where full-time positions are possible based on individual performance and desire to work in the industry.

The WMC is now actively promoting the program and is working to develop formal partnerships with equity agencies, job developers, adult education and employment centres, manufacturers, high schools, colleges and other interested stakeholders.

Intake Assesment Eng.pdf

WMC WERC facilitator guide Eng.pdf

Please contact us to become a part of this program.

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