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National Occupational Standards (NOS)

NOS identifies the skills, knowledge and abilities individuals must have to perform in a specific occupation. They provide the basis for developing a better-qualified workforce and enhancing staff performance by:

  • providing performance benchmarks,

  • helping fill labour requirements more effectively, and

  • furthering the development of skills recognition for a particular occupation.


How can NOS help you?


Employers will be able to focus recruitment efforts on the specific workers they need, and make better matches between employees and available positions. That means improved job performance and increased productivity.


As an employer, you can use NOS to:

  • recruit new employees,

  • define industry and job requirements,

  • introduce certification programs,

  • establish succession plans, and

  • develop interview guides.


Employees will be able to better prepare for and plan a career path, and identify which skills they need to upgrade, leading to greater job fulfillment and satisfaction.


As an employee, you can use NOS to:

  • upgrade skills, and

  • plan your career path.


Educators will have a clearer, more consistent idea of training requirements. They’ll be able to plan and develop programs that will better serve their students.


As an educator, you can use NOS to:

  • develop school curriculum training programs.




WMC has developed NOS for four occupations in the advanced wood manufacturing industry plus an additional employers guide with instructions on how to best use the NOS:


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