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Virtual HR Department

The Virtual HR Department (VHRD) is designed to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage the most important aspects of human resources (HR) management.

The VHRD contains tools, templates and guides that can be downloaded, customized and used on an ongoing basis by the individual company.

There are six modules that cover the main HR functions: 

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employment Policies
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Training and Development
  • Managing Performance
  • Reward and Recognition

Essential Skills

Essential skills are the basic skills needed for work, learning and life. The nine essential skills are: reading, writing, numeracy, document use, working with others, problem solving, computer use, oral communication and continuous learning. 

The Essential Skills tool assesses the five most important essential skills for our industry. Employees are assessed individually and skills gaps for specific occupations can be identified. Individual training plans can be developed for each of your employees that will bring them up to the level of skills needed to allow them to flourish and grow within your operation.

The WMC currently offers5 of the 9 Essential Skills Assessments, as defined by Employment & Social Development Canada, in paper and .pdf format.

The Essential Skills Assessment documents currently available include:

  • Reading Text
  • Writing Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Document Use
  • Thinking Skills

 These Essential Skills Assessments are wood industry specific, containing relevant questions learners could encounter in their work in the value added wood products industry. These documents contain assessments in multiple levels of complexity for each Essential Skill. 

Please contact us to request the documents in paper or pdf format. Find contact information here.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

PLAR is the recognition that significant learning occurs outside the classroom – through informal study and everyday learning within the home, community and workplace. When applied as part of a human resource strategy, PLAR saves time and resources. The ability of firms to know about PLAR and apply it will open the door for many new employees – in particular, new immigrants, women, career changers, etc. 

PLAR Phase II will develop an online self-assessment tool that will demonstrate the value of a potential employee’s work and life experiences, and how their skills and capabilities can be transferred to this sector. The WMC will also develop support materials for the employers to assist with finding and hiring employees using PLAR.

PLAR Toolkit

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