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Wood Manufacturing Council – Historical Funding Sources

The Wood Manufacturing Council has had a unique blend of both public and private funding since our inception in 2002.  The majority of funding has come from the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program, following our establishment as the national human resources sector council for the advanced wood products processing sector.  WMC has also managed projects and provided services to Provincial Governments and other Federal Government departments.  In addition, WMC has received support from industry in the form of contributions, donations and fees for our products and services, and we have undertaken some direct fee for service arrangements.

Advanced wood product processing sector stakeholders – representatives from industry employers, employee groups, associations, governments and educators - have over time, made a tremendously substantial “in-kind” contribution in terms of time, products and services towards the development and implementation of WMC programs and services.  We thank them for their expertise, their time and their interest.



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