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The advanced wood manufacturing sector is a major contributor to Canada’s economy. It’s at the cutting edge of technology, using the latest practices and equipment to ensure efficient production that helps the sector—and the environment—thrive. Advanced engineering creates wood products from fast-growing species, and produces high-strength products from smaller trees. At the same time, the industry is able to use more of each log harvested, which means more products with less waste.

The industry is made up of five sub-sectors:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Windows and doors
  • Millwork
  • Building components, including structural engineered products and factory-built housing

Businesses of all sizes comprise the industry, varying greatly in size, location and number of employees and types of products. Products range from large factory-built buildings to artistic furniture designs and from high production to custom designed pieces.    

Nonetheless, small and medium-sized shops—employing 49 people or less—are the ‘heart’ of Canada’s advanced wood processing sector, accounting for approximately 68% of all sector businesses according to our 2016 Labour Market Study.  

The advanced wood manufacturing sector has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other industry production lines. For many people who work with wood, it is more than a job; it’s a connection with the natural, raw materials and the creativity that drives their passion for this sector. Often, the final inspection of a quality product is simply running a bare palm along a finished piece of wood, testing for perfection.

The WMC brings that same human touch to the table when dealing with human resources issues in the sector. We aim to meet your needs on a human level, and help your sector grow and develop in a way that benefits everyone involved.

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