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Recent Projects

In the 10 plus years since our inception, the WMC has championed and managed well over 30 projects related to Human Resources, skills development and training for the advanced wood products processing sector.  These were done both in partnership with and/or on behalf of a variety of private and public sector partners.  These projects have included the production of assessment tools, the development of career information and awareness materials, the creation of a range of training programs, the production of various labour market information studies and the establishment of a Virtual Human Resources Department.  In almost every case, these projects were overseen by committees of sector stakeholders, including representatives of wood products manufacturers, relevant post-secondary educational institutions, trade associations, employees and employee groups, non-governmental organizations, and governments.   The projects were based on needs identified through our labour market information studies.

Our most recent projects include:

Labour Market Intelligence and HR Tools Enhancement

In this project we undertook two separate research studies.  The first study looked at retention issues and strategies and the second study considered the use of technology for workplace training.  We also reviewed and updated several HR tools and programs, in order to integrate the findings of the research reports.   These research reports and our tools and programs are available on this website. 

Partnership, Outreach and Performance Management Project

The main objective of this project was to support all the past, current and future projects of the WMC by partnering with its stakeholders to increase the uptake of its programs and services - as they were developed to support the HR needs of the industry.  The three main components of this project were Partnership Building, Marketing and Outreach and Performance Measurement. 

Skills Development for the Advanced Wood Processing Sector

In support of the development of a national HR strategy for skills development in the sector, this project had 3 main objectives.  They were to develop and enhance skills in international marketing and trade; to develop training programs that address gaps in essential skills and to develop national occupational standards which define necessary job competencies for three key occupations.  The occupations selected by the Steering Committee as the priorities for standards development were Product Designer, Operations Manager and Installer.   All eight of WMC’s National Occupational Standards are available on this website. 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Phase 2

Responding to the industry recommendations gathered as part of the PLAR for the Advanced Wood Manufacturing Sector – Phase 1, the objective of this project was to publish an industry-validated set of prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) tools and process resources which define the necessary elements of an effective assessment process for those entering or wishing to enter the advanced wood manufacturing industry and ways for employers to best locate and recruit workers to fill their current and future skills gap.  The project included the development and distribution of the PLAR tools and process resources for employers and for foreign trained individuals (FTI’s) along with associated marketing and promotional materials targeting the employment integration of FTI’s in occupations in demand in the sector.  The PLAR tools and process resources were based on the key occupations determined with the sector and were validated by industry stakeholders.  All the material is available on this website.

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