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2012 HR Awards

Wood Manufacturing Council’s 2012 HR Awards Ceremony

A night of recognition and networking of people and ideas”


Ottawa, Ontario - Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 was an emotional night of recognition for individuals and organizations that strive to develop their production and quality in the Wood Manufacturing Industry.

Each year the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) honours companies and individuals who develop creative solutions and establish best practices in human resources. This awards program aims to raise the profile of HR in our sector and share unique and creative ideas. The WMC, focused on improving Human Resources needs for the wood manufacturing industry, develops tools and events to help companies achieve their HR goals and to encourage organizations to recognize and increase the value of their employees at all levels.

This year, in celebration of our 10th year anniversary, WMC implemented a new HR Award category:  The Employee Recognition Award.  We felt that it was important to highlight the achievements of outstanding employees whose dedication and hard work have helped their companies to succeed.

The HR Awards were given as follows:

  • Violet Frost of Westwood Fine Cabinetry, was awarded with the individual “Innovation in Human Resources Award”, for her work in safety climate and claims management. Working with the professionals at WorkSafeBC and the Employers’ Advisers Office, Violet made significant improvements that fostered a training culture that raised the skill level of workers and promoted a culture of lifelong learning.


  • Triangle Kitchen, from New Brunswick, was awarded with the company “Innovation in Human Resources Award” for its efforts to improve its human resources which had a direct impact on productivity and innovation.  Triangle Kitchen combined WMC HR tools with the Flexible Workforce program they created to improve their lean manufacturing system, and assist the company in its continuous improvement efforts.  Their goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals in their work while building flexibility that gives workers the opportunity to move where required.


  • Bluewater Wood Alliance (BWA) was awarded with the “WOODLINKS Success Award” for choosing and striving to implement the WOODLINKS program in their need to secure high quality, entry-level workers in the communities they work with.  The BWA offered to pay the registration fees for the initial schools participating, and they offered the schools their off-cuts, used machinery, plant tours, guest speakers, and both summer and eventual permanent job opportunities. Their tireless efforts paid off and two area schools are now running the program and discussions are starting, through the local Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program representative, to introduce the program to the Catholic School Board.


  • Christian Galarneau, Director General of the Quebec sector council for furniture, cabinets and windows and doors, received the “Award of Distinction” for his dynamic personality and positive leadership role, both in the Committee and in the industry. WMC and Le Comite co-operated on several NOS, with Christian taking the key leadership role in co-ordinating and identifying key components as well as ensuring extensive industry input. He has also worked with the Sectoral Committee in the development of the


  • Ike Gallagher, the Department Head, Construction Studies with the Saint John Campus of the New Brunswick Community College, is this year’s deserving recipient of the “Equity Award”.  This award is given to a person who provides opportunities to members of equity groups (including aboriginal groups, visible minorities, people with disabilities, women and new immigrants) to begin or to further their careers in the advanced wood processing industry.  Ike was particularly active in helping launch WMC’s special program, the Wood Employment Readiness Curriculum (WERC) project.


  • Vince Reale, from the Frendel Group of Companies was given the “Employee Recognition Award”.  Employees are the backbone of the industry and they are instrumental in helping a company survive, grow and thrive.  Vince Reale, has been with the Frendel Group of Companies for over 35 years and has mentored new employees and implemented changes that allowed the company to grow from a small shop to over 300 employees.


Wood industry leaders need to encourage students and people that are currently involved in the industry to continue pursuing goals in the wood manufacturing sector, achieving higher levels of quality and production and better wages for all. The Award Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize the value of individuals, companies and industry tools available.  This recognition further intices people to enter and build their careers in the wood manufacturing industry.  Identifying the work of employees encourages company growth and excellence in individual performance


Congratulations to all of our HR Award recipients!

Funding for this project was provided by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program.

For more information:
Richard Lipman, WMC President
130 Albert Street, Suite 1016
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4
Tel: 613-567-5511

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