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You are a vital part of Canada’s wood manufacturing industry. Whether you’re a career counsellor, community worker, immigrant service agency representative, or member of an Aboriginal organization, you’re part of our community and we want to do everything we can to help you meet your goals.


Today’s global marketplace is changing faster than ever before. With labour market competition growing stronger all the time, it’s essential that Canada’s advanced wood manufacturing sector be prepared to recruit and retain workers with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the industry. We need to work together to reach a variety of prospective employees—including Aboriginal Canadians, persons with disabilities, New Canadians and immigrants working in Canada.


This website will provide information on career opportunities in the wood manufacturing industry, and equip you with the resources you need to prepare and inform career seekers about these opportunities. You’ll find a great selection of tools and programs, including our Wood Employee Readiness Curriculum (WERC)a pre-employment training program designed to attract workers from a wide range of backgrounds. Together, we can ensure that Canada’s wood manufacturing industry remains strong.

Wood Employee Readiness Curriculum (WERC)

A pre-employment training program for target and equity groups.


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Career Focus

The Sectoral Youth Career Focus Program provides employers with funding.


Wood Products Manufacturing Education and Certification program.


The number one resource for careers in the wood industry.